Electronics and functionality like no other

Triride provides proprietary technology and electronics that make the difference both in terms of performance and safety. The features offered are multiple and completely customizable to the user’s needs.

Customizable double electronic mapping

The Trirides are supplied with two mappings of the electronic control unit which determine different performances of the device.
Through the appropriate button it is possible to switch from one mapping to another and have two different behaviors on the road depending on the needs.
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IBS – Intelligent Braking System

Fully electronic braking system, with programmable and customizable intensity. Anti-slip system and battery recharge under braking.
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ICC – Intelligent Cruise Control

In addition to the normal Cruise Control function, it allows you to maintain the set speed even when going downhill, adapting to changes in slope, without the user using the brake.
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MDC – Motion Direct Control

Electronic traction control system (speed control). With a single command (accelerator) it is possible to have total management of the movement of the Triride and therefore control its pace.
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Eco Drive system

EcoDrive acts on the delivery of the maximum power of the device with 5 programmable and customizable levels for your needs, with an increase in autonomy up to 40% more than the nominal one.
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High-performance engines with exclusive Triride technology.

All our devices are fitted with high-performance motors with different powers to choose according to need, from 540 W for daily use to 1500 W for tackling even extreme climbs and routes.
The Triride technology applied is an added value in terms of safety, performance and autonomy.

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Various powers available depending on the needs of use.
From 540 W to 1500 W

Engine torque

Each engine has a different traction torque and different characteristics.

Safety light package

The new light system allows you to have total control of front and rear visibility directly from the handlebar.

High visibility front light with switch on from the handlebar.

Rear light with flashing stop function and elastic support. Handlebar ignition.

Extra security systems

Analog brake

Additional electronic brake set on a thumb control, generally positioned on the handlebar opposite the accelerator. Ideal for those who want to adjust the braking intensity and make the most of the engine regen function for recharging the battery.
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Automatic brake

Accelerator release brake.
Releasing the accelerator, the Triride brakes automatically until it stops or until it starts accelerating again.
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Emergency brake

Safety brake that can be activated remotely using a remote control (by an attendant).
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