The invention…

Triride was born from the idea of ​​Gianni Conte to have a new aid for his wheelchair, with features not present at that time on other products available on the market, such as extreme lightness, compact and captivating design and last but not least such power to be able to tackle even difficult routes and significant slopes.
Initially designed and built to meet personal needs, the requests of acquaintances and friends with the same needs begin to arrive, shortly thereafter the demand is so great it became necessary to set up a company that deals with production and marketing of the aid.

This is how the ingenuity and tenacity of a passionate and determined entrepreneur, supported by highly professional staff, give life to Triride s.r.l., an entrepreneurial reality that is revolutionizing the way of life of all those who use a wheelchair.

… The birth of Triride srl

The company’s objectives have always been the same that have animated Gianni Conte and Marta Nunez since the beginning of this fantastic adventure: to create a device capable of guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement for all wheelchair users.

Work, free time, travel, sport, everything becomes easier and more fun with the Triride.

The desires of the company never end: research is continuous, innovation characterizes each new component, many accessories are designed and manufactured to expand the usability of the devices to meet the needs of all , so that everyday life with the Triride becomes more and more exciting.


create a high-level device, robust and reliable, able to guarantee maximum freedom of movement, on all paths, for all wheelchair users.


Important investments are destined to the research of innovations and futuristic technological solutions as well as to the development of already existing products.

Numerous prototypes are tested on exclusive test benches, designed and self-built, as well as in the most extreme conditions on the road. This allows the maintenance of a very high standard on all product components and our flagship, effective and high performance proprietary electronics that put the company at the forefront of the world.

The high standards of quality and safety are our pride.
Triride is the number one device in the world!


All Triride products are designed, manufactured and built in Italy.
The design and production are supported by the most up-to-date Cad/Cam systems. The finest raw materials are used (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon …) and processed with modern industrial machinery (Laser, CNC, Numerical control lathes …).

The staff is made up of numerous technicians and specialists whose training is constantly implemented in the company. In addition to the excellent realization of the products, with attention to the smallest details, among them, a group of experts have been selected to offer an exclusive service before and after the sale. The customer is placed at the center to create a tailor-made product that meets all the needs and customizations required.
Service and after-sales assistance are one of the numerous strengths of the company to ensure our clients are always supported.


Our devices are made and assembled at the time of order according to the user’s specifications. Being a high-tech medical device, each triride is individual and exclusively dedicated to the characteristics of the user who, following a practical test, using a detailed order form, with the specialists of the sector (Physiotherapists and Technicians) helps to “design” your device.

Thanks to the sophisticated electronics, programmable through its own software, the parameters of the electronic functions are set to the user’s requirements.

The potential of our electronics allow to have numerous solutions which, supported by the creation of ergonomic and personalized driving controls, allow the use and driving of the device, in complete comfort and safety, even for users suffering upper limb limitations. (Tetraplegies, Hemiplegias, Dystrophies, Sclerosis etc …).

Triride as a manufacturer builds models specifically dedicated (frame, motor and electronics) to bariatric users (over 200 kg).


The company constantly committed to comply with safety certifications to offer products with the highest quality standards.

We are committed to ensure that every user of our devices feels that they have a quality product at their disposal, faithfully built to the best traditions of Made in Italy.