Triride “Dolomite” Kit

The handbike transformation kit

Plan your training uphill and downhill.
Finally you can enjoy exciting cycling tours with your competition handbike.

The Dolomite Kit enables the transformation of most manual handbikes into an electrically assisted handbike in a simple and completely reversible way.
Thanks to the electronic bluetooth system, a few steps are enough to integrate the motor and the battery/control unit component to the handbike and have an electronic assistance for pedaling.
The Dolomite Kit is made to fit virtually any handbike.

Technical Features

Wheel hub motor (additional wheel to be used if necessary)

Maximum power from 500 W to 1000 W

Control unit with customisable Triride electronics

36 V or 48 V removable battery

Bluetooth electronic assistance control on the hand pedal (wireless)

No structural changes, quick and simple assembly and disassembly of the kit

Absolutely non-invasive, customizable and built on the needs and indications of the customer

Take the most difficult climbs

With the Dolomite Kit you will have pedaling assistance always available when you want it, managed by the accelerator control on the pedal handle. Programmable electronic control unit (power, acceleration, torque …) according to the user’s needs.

No structural changes, quick and simple assembly and disassembly of the kit

The DOLOMITE KIT does not require any structural modification of the handbike and is easily removable to restore the vehicle to its original configuration.

Bluetooth electronic assistance control

Quick assembly/disassembly of the battery pack/control unit

Quick assembly/disassembly of the motorized wheel