Intelligent Cruise Control

The New Intelligent Cruise Control always maintains the set speed, even downhill!

Your new technological assistant for all types of routes.
The advanced electronics that allows the automatic maintenance of the desired set speed along all kind of paths in total tranquility and efficiency.

Keeps the set speed also downhill

The great new feature of the Intelligent Cruise Control is the ability to maintain the set speed
even downhill, adapting slope changes without using the brake. The efficiency of the motor brake ends with the maintenance of a constant speed on any level difference.
All this without energy consuming but even recharging the battery!

The advantages of ICC

Intelligent Cruise Control makes driving more enjoyable especially downhill. Maintaining a constant speed avoids the risk of sudden braking and therefore makes the routes on different levels easy to manage.

Intelligent Cruise Control allows you to relax your hand from the accelerator and therefore face the paths in total comfort and carefree.

This easy operation and deactivation of the Intelligent Cruise Control makes its use suitable all for the less experienced. In fact, it is sufficient to simply press the button to switch it on or off while driving.
Intelligent Cruise Control is also automatically deactivated when using the brake or the accelerator. This makes it 100% safe to use.
Intelligent Cruise Control optimizes energy consumption on every path or level gradually adjusting the engine thrust in order to maintain the speed.
On downhill paths the Intelligent Cruise Control expresses all its potential, maintaining a constant speed without the smallest use of energy, but rather, recovering the braking energy to recharge.

Constant speed on every type of path


Intelligent Cruise Control keeps the set speed, uphill, automatically acting on the motor acceleration, adapting itself to the slopes of the terrain.

Plain field

Acting automatically and constantly on the motor acceleration, the Intelligent Cruise Control maintains the set speed in a really smooth way, using the minor amount of energy possible. Best comfort, reduced consumption.


The great news of the Intelligent Cruise Control is maintaining the set speed even downhill, without having to action the brake.
All this without the minimum energy consumption, but rather recharging the battery.