Dual driving modes

Performance optimization and customization.

With the double “Normal/Sport” mapping, the user always has two customizable driving and performance modes available, which can always be selected using the appropriate switch according to need.

Personalized driving performance

As standard*, Triride devices are supplied with two optimized ECU mappings (0-1).
The two mappings can be customized by responding to the needs of the individual user, to have a unique, effective and exciting driving experience.

Performance management

Increased acceleration

Each mapping can have a different device acceleration increment. For example mapping (0) smooth acceleration and mapping (1) hard acceleration.

Electronic braking intensity increase

Different braking intensity according to use.
In the mapping (0-1) it is possible to set gentle braking and more intense braking to deal with different situations.

Power increase

Setting of a different power increase of the device divided into 5 available levels.
The 5 power levels have different percentages for each of the mappings.

Standard* on the entire Triride range.

*The double mapping is standard on the entire Triride range, optional on the Light, Pieghevole and Kids models.

Each device is equipped with a double standard mapping, as illustrated in the diagrams, which can be personalized* as desired by modifying the acceleration and electronic braking intensity.

*Customization can be carried out on request by a specialized Triride technician.