Motion Direct Control

Electronic system with allow to control the traction directly with a single command (accelerator).

This system makes it possible to accelerate and brake electronically using only the accelerator lever, allowing the user to have total control of the movement and always remain in complete safety in every situation.

Maximum security both uphill and downhill thanks to integrated systems:

Hill start assist control

Downhill traction management

Battery recharge during braking

MDC vantages

The system allows to control the gait in the different routes simply by dosing the accelerator. All without having to use the brake.

With MDC system it will be pleasant to face even the most challenging climbs and descents in total safety.
The MDC electronic control can be activated and deactivated using the appropriate switch and therefore offers maximum safety and maximum control of the device in every situations where it is needed.

MDC – Made in Triride electronic implementation!


Complete movement management with only one command (accelerator)


Maximum safety with hill start assist control


Total control with downhill traction management system