Complete the performance of your Triride by adding comfort and safety!

The Triride Research & Development department has designed specific rims capable of solving the critical issues and limitations of the “standard” wheels supplied with your wheelchair, not intended to be used with an electric drive. Today, Triride wheels are therefore a true Made in Italy and Made in Triride innovation to give you greater comfort, greater safety, greater performance, design and quality.

Available and compatible for all wheelchair models.

Ideal for use with the Triride

We designed and built these wheels thinking of using the wheelchair combined with the Triride.
The relationship between strength and lightness has no equal and is ideal for addressing security in any type of path.

High quality construction


“Lefty type” designed and manufactured using CNC / lathe with flanges of different diameters to provide greater torsional stiffness to the wheelchair axle pins and to aid the special 24 spoke configuration with maximum structural resistance to flex and impacts.
High-end bearings with zero tolerance seating, for smoothness combined with unmatched lightness.

Push rim

anodized aluminum black, ergonomic, large surface area for improved hand contact, oval shaped 40×20 mm, two mounting possibilities (narrower and wider to the rim for individual preference).
Provides fundamental structural rigidity for reduced loss of energy when pushing exclusive design, absolute lightness.


in stainless steel with anti resonance covering, 12 crossed spokes configuration internal and 12 spokes radial configuration external, to provide flexibility stiffness in lateral flexion experienced during cornering at sustained speeds.
Crossed on both sides in the FAT wheels to give greater strength and elasticity.


in special aluminum, double chamber, greater total width to resist lateral flex during cornering, greater width of the tire housing channel to provide stability and grip to the tire, reduced rim height to provide the necessary tyre deflection for potholes and jolts.
Unparalleled strength to weight ratio.

Axle pin

in 12 mm or 12,7 mm stainless steel, all lengths available, to suit varying length of axle receivers for most wheelchairs on the market.

3 variant for different types of use

24″ x 1 road

Ideal wheel for regular use indoor and out. Low friction and high comfort. Tire of your choice (City or Cross).

24″ x 1.75 mixed

Ideal rim for indoor/outdoor use on smooth, irregular and mixed paths, such as cycle paths, rough roads etc.
Great comfort. Tire of your choice (City or Cross).

24″ mtb

Oversized rim ideal for off-road use on routes mixed, grass, sand and soft ground.
Cross tire.