Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis has been a Triride user for more than 5 years. Driving the device for Alex, as a quadruple amputee, had specific needs. Triride through special configurations allowed Alex Lewis to drive the aid optimally and in total safety.

Alex contracted a Streptococcal A infection which turned into STREPTOCOCCUS TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME resulting in amputations of all limbs and permanent damage to facial tissues.

After the events that changed his life, Alex Lewis founded and worked with many charitable organizations to support and finance equipment for himself or to donate to other entities. He has supported the Wild Chair project and, more recently, the Murray Parish Trust.


Alex, given his condition as a quadruple amputee, needed to be able to guide the aid through the prostheses. The difficulty encountered concerned the possibility of a smooth ride and above all the input of acceleration and braking.

Custom Triride solution

Special handlebar configuration for driving with prosthesis.

Alex Lewis, given the specific needs, uses more customized Triride products, which have allowed him to achieve a safe and controlled driving experience.

Triride UK and Triride spent a lot of time with Alex in order to build, adjust and fine-tune a configuration of special handlebars. The personalization interventions of the device allow Alex to use the single command controls (Push & Pull ®), with his prostheses, in a fluid way and without difficulty. Controlled operation is made even easier thanks to Triride’s exclusive electronic technology (MDC in particular): a truly customized solution, which offers Alex the independence to travel freely and safely.

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