Intelligent Braking System

Electronic braking system, programmable and customisable by exclusive Triride software.

User customisable braking based on your requirements.
Mechanical braking is a thing of the past.
Downhills, impossible so far, will be a new challenge using the gradual braking.

A safer driving experience.

A High level of braking safety is achieved with our IBS braking system. The braking system can be adjusted to the users personal needs. Driving your Triride will be even more pleasant using IBS. Braking is more supported for the user on any surface. The gradual braking will be an irreplaceable support during journeys.
No more risk of wheel lock on smooth or slippery surfaces!
IBS will assist you as an experienced driver.

IBS system advantages

The new IBS system allows drivers to use the motor power for braking. The user will have the option of using the mechanical brake for stopping, emergency or as a parking brake.
Less use of mechanical brake will reduce the possibility of damages.

IBS guarantees more safety in downhill and brakes will not risk overheating.

IBS software is differently set up for the Triride Normal and Sport modes.
Normal mode: smoother braking, but effective. Improving of front wheel anti-lock system.
IBS software is differently set up for the Triride Normal and Sport modes.
Sport Mode: strenght braking and shorter stopping distance. Enjoy the sport driving.
IBS can be used at low speed too. The strength braking is calibrated to the driving speed, IBS will Gradually brake at the hight speed, at low speed IBS will be less gradual.

Intelligent braking system use

IBS activated by Brake lever

IBS can be used by brake lever. Pull slightly the lever to activate the electronic brake without mechanical/hydraulic brake . Pull deeper the lever to use electronic brake supported by mechanical/hydraulic brake system.

IBS activated by button*

The button on the handlebar (*optional) covers the complete function of IBS system. Pushing the button, the user will get high efficiency of braking system without using mechanical/hydraulic brake. The electronic brake can be also used tapping the button.

Two braking modes

Normal and Sport braking modes can be customized through IBS software, smooth or intense, in connection to user driving style. Top safety and handing driving downhills. IBS can be set up following user needs.