Discovering the pleasure of a new and easier mobility with your wheelchair!

Throught the mountains, in the city, at the shopping mall, at the gym, at work or in your free time…Triride is always with you.

Why choosing Triride?

1. Compact, powerful, handy...

Triride is very compact and handy. Its performances are unique. Test it!

2. Triride is the original

Triride is the original patented assistive device. It is entirely Made in Italy and constantly developed to improve the quality life of users.

3. Triride is a registered medical device...

Triride is registered in the Italian Health Ministry register of medical devices.

4. Customization

Triride can be customized following customer’s requirements.
Following user’s needs, Triride makes even more comfortable the experience of e-mobility.

5. Expertise and assistance

Triride crew and our dealers can offer expertise and assistance to clients during the selling and after. Our goal is your satisfaction.


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