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Roll of Medical Devices of the Italian Ministry of Health has registered Triride device with number. 922795. This device can be attributed to an electrical wheelchair indoors use, with code or to an electrical wheelchair outdoors use, with code News. New Tariff Nomenclature of prosthesis and aids, in effect very soon, deems Triride as “motorization universal kit for wheelchairs” with code

Through the mountains, in the city, at the shopping mall, at the gymnasium, at work or in your free time. Wherever you are discover the pleasure of a new and easier mobility with your wheelchair! You are not going to get without it…unique and original. Contact us to have all the information: new models, many amazing accessories to improve your daily life.

It is versatile, lightweight, with an attractive design and incredibly agility and speed. There is no barrier for Triride, gravel roads and strong slopes are easy to cover. It gives high autonomy and big power and the most exacting users will be satisfied. Triride is binging a big change in the wheelchair users world. You can’t wait to have it.


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